Rescuing the Gospel from the Gays-vs.-Christians Debate

I had so many, “me too” moments while reading Justin’s book. (It just so happens that his first and last name are my first and middle name as well.) Justin share’s his life story of growing up and feeling called to ministry while also coming to the understanding he was gay. How could those two things co-exist? In this very accessible read, Justin outlines his coming-out story, trying to fix himself through reparative therapy, and finally his own in-depth study of the Bible which led him to self-acceptance.

Justin has been passionate about briding the divide between the Christian and Gay communities and also adressing the many nuances and grey areas that this unique issue presents. I belive this is a great book not only for LGBTQ Christians grappling with their own faith, but also for friends and family members of LGBTQ people who are trying to understand and relate to them.

In addition to being a writer, Justin was the original foudner of The Gay Christian Network (now Q Christian Fellowship), which was one of the first places that gay Christians could connect online and has grown into annual conferences, training seminars, and events. Most recently, he has founded Nuance Ministries which is “committed to promoting dialouge in an us-vs.-them world.” Justin is an advid speaker and also hosts a weekly Facebook Live show where he has conversations with other advocates for LGBTQ inclusion in the Church.

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