Host a Dinner Party

Is your church or faith community ready to discuss more about what it means to be LGBTQ+ and Christian?


We love dinner parties at Forge and believe the best conversations happen around good meals.

You provide the audience, and we can take care of everything else— local, dinner, and panelists. We will put together a great night of conversation, food and drink that will end with dessert and a panel of affirming Christians to field questions from the room including:

— What do the letters in LGBTQ+ mean?

— What is the difference between gender and orientation?

— Can you be LGBTQ+ and Christian?

— Is the Bible really clear on this issue?

— Can you agree to disagree?

— How do you move forward in your relationships, and your communitites?


Our goal is not to provide a black and white debate, but a space where there can be discussion, questions, understanding, and empathy. This event can be put together for as little as 12 people to a group of 200 people. Pricing is available upon request.

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