a podcast on belief and being.

I stumbled on Queerology while tapping my way through instagram one afternoon early in my coming out process. It’s a weekly podcast hosted by Matthias Roberts where he interviews people of faith all across the LGBTQ+ spectrum. It was in this podcast that I found my people. People who had paved the way before me buy clinging onto their faith while being honest about their sexuality at the same time.

My worst fears were realized when I heard stories of people being excommunicated from their families or faith communities. Then on the contrary, my greatest hopes and dreams were fostered as I heard people share their stories of finding love, pursuing their passions, and standing firm in their faith. Not only did I hear stories that I so strongly identified with, but I also got to listen to stories that were foreign to me at the time, like being transgendered or asexual. I even found my current church home (New Abbey) after listening to an interview with my pastor, Brit Barron and her wife Sami.

Matthias is constantly asking, “How might we live better as queer people of faith?” There are now over 70 interviews with queer people who are theologians, psychologists, poets, thinkers, and change makers. Click on the image above and dive in, you won’t regret it.