Walking the Bridgeless Canyon

Kathy’s work is accessible to people of every walk of life. It’s groundbreaking, and completely vital to the Church and the conversation with LGBTQ Christians today.

What really drew to me to Kathy’s work is how accessible it is. You don’t have to have a a Masters Degree in Biblical Exegesis to understand her work, and yet it is packed with so much knowledge and data, you feel like you have a degree after reading it. Kathy brings so much clarity and freshness to the conversation by asking questions that much of the Church refuses to ask today, and backing up her findings with many historical sources. One of her favorite questions to ask is, “As we the Church knew better about human sexuality, did we do better?” and the answer is almost unequivocally “no”. This book is an incredible resource, not only for LGBTQ people understanding their place in society, but also to help guide conversations with people that may be unaffirming of LGBTQ people.