Bible Gender & Sexuality

Reframing the Church’s Debate on Same-Sex Relationships

Brownson has put so much thought, time and research into his writing, and it shows. Many of the non-affirming readings I’ve encountered seem to just regurgitate the same old stuff, and haven’t really brought anything fresh to the table for me, but Brownson goes deep.

One fresh take is his explaining of Romans 1:24-27, a verse that non-affirming people continually question me about. I learned so much in this chapter from Brownson, especially the history surrounding the Roman Emperor Gaius Caligula and all the connections to this passage, right down to “receiving the due penalty of his error.” 

I highly recommend Brownson’s book, especially for those that are having conversations with unaffirming leadership. His approach is persuasive and backed by Biblical understandings of gender and sexuality.